About J&K Specialty Foods

It all started over lunch...

 In 2009, a conversation began between two friends about bringing a series of hot sauces and additional unique specialty gourmet foods to the masses. 

January 2019, we have been awarded the "Ohio Proud" Certification for our hot sauces! 

Exterminating the bland...

Top quality ingredients with just the right amount of heat are the primary components of J&K Specialty Foods first product, "Exterminator" Gourmet Hot Sauce". 

Just completed... we are proud to present "Exterminator 2". A bolder and more satisfying lasting flavor with a significant increase in heat.  

We are your allies when fighting the battle against that nasty pest known as "Bland". We hope you will agree and enjoy these unique blends of spice and heat.

The perfect gift for any occasion!

Pest Management Companies - "Exterminator" Gourmet Hot Sauce  (original or E2)  make the perfect gift for welcoming and thanking customers. Or, as an appreciation gift for employees. 

Sauce Lovers

"Exterminator" Gourmet Hot Sauce (original or E2) are great hot sauces to have on hand for that lover of heat in your life. Or, as a gift to surprise that hard working pest management professional that's protecting your castle against those things that creep and crawl!  


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